Chief executive officer


Brian is co-founder and chief executive officer of Wellness Tree, LLC and president of Brian Nixon Family Farms, LLC. He has worked in the field of physical therapy since 2000, and earned his Masters of Physical Therapy in 2009. Brian is currently the lead physical therapist at the Jackson Center for Conductive Education in Mooresville, Indiana. A fourth generation Indiana farmer, he returned to his agricultural roots by founding Brian Nixon Family Farms in 2009. The operation grows corn and soybeans in central Indiana utilizing sustainable and responsible farming practices.

Chief Operating officer


Billy is co-founder and chief operating officer of Wellness Tree, LLC. He has worked in the cannabis cultivation industry for over a decade. Billy is an Indiana native, but spent eight years in Michigan as a patient caregiver in the medical cannabis industry and later as COO and co-founder of a medical cannabis grow operation. Billy returned to Yorktown, Indiana with his wife in 2020. Billy has also been a certified Surgical Technologist for 15 years and continues to work in the operating room in Fishers, Indiana.

Chief Financial Officer


Rachel is the chief financial officer of Wellness Tree, LLC. She graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in physical therapy in 2000. She worked as a pediatric physical therapist and adaptive physical education teacher in Massachusetts for 2 years. After moving to Indiana in 2002, Rachel worked as an outpatient PT before she earned her Masters in Secondary Education and her teaching license in 2006. She has taught middle and high school science for 14 years and continues to practice PT during school breaks. She has served as the vice-president and CFO of Brian Nixon Family Farms, LLC since 2009.