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As a pediatric occupational therapist for over 20 years, I have dedicated my professional career to serving persons diagnosed with motor disabilities, primarily cerebral palsy.  Not only am I a practitioner, I am also a mother of an adult diagnosed with athetoid cerebral palsy following a birth injury.

CBD can be an appealing natural option for managing cerebral palsy symptoms and improving overall quality of life. This natural remedy possesses minimal side effects while at the same time altering the negative effects of the disease process for a person combating any of the following physical or mental challenges:

Chronic pain from increased muscle spasticity or dystonia: CBD helps to regulate the inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter that are necessary to reduce muscle spasticity consequently allowing for increased overall range of motion and mobility as well as decreased pain.

With the diagnosis of cerebral palsy comes other associated affects, one of which is epilepsy. Forty two percent of persons diagnosed with cerebral palsy have a co-occurrence of epilepsy. The anti-epileptic effects of CBD allow for our children to have less effects of the seizure involvement on the body like uncontrolled jerking movements of the body, loss of awareness, rigid and tense muscles.

Lastly, with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy there is a higher risk of developing depression and anxiety disorders as a consequence of the pain and fatigue experienced daily. Consumption of CBD oil can help to minimize these effects leading to an increase in the overall quality of life.

Working with children and adults that are physically demanding has taken a toll on my own muscle strength, causing overall inflammatory response and stability issues. Taking the CBD oil personally has allowed my ailing muscles the ability to relax and recuperate from the constant strain they are taking. The benefits of taking CBD oil, whether for my clients or for me personally, have greatly increased our overall quality of life on a daily basis. -- Lara DePoy, MS/OTR


I have a 5 year old little girl that has been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety. She has emotional highs and some major emotional crashes. She was an incredibly restless sleeper--talking, singing, flipping, flopping, having conversations, yelling at her siblings all while asleep. She was even having horrible night terrors. I could count on one hand the number of times she slept through the night since she was born.  

We started giving her 5 mL of CBD oil once a day. Since starting the oil, she no longer has night terrors. She sleeps through the night 2-3 times per week. Even on the days she doesn't sleep through the night, she sleeps more soundly and still and may only wake up one time. We have noticed a world of difference in the short time she has been taking the oil and it has become part of her routine that we will not give up. -- Courtney Payne

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Outstanding products!! I deal with a significant amount of pain and inflammation daily. I have been taking NSAIDs for a long time. I have also tried the “Ultra Cell” brand of CBD with little relief. These products have much more accurate measuring droppers. I get great relief when using these products. -- Derek Michael, Google Review

I definitely recommend the products from Wellness Tree Farms. I have specifically noticed the benefits of using the lavender soothing CBD relief cream 800mg. I have used it for my knees and lower back. I was impressed with the speed in which I received my order. I would highly recommend this product and others from Wellness Tree Farms. -- Becky Flanders, Google Review

Amazing product produced by a family owned farm and people that are committed to the purity of the product! This is the only place to get your CBD products! -- Meg Leddy, Google Review

Love their oil and love that its local!!! They are very trustworthy and know im getting the best! I use it daily and my arthritis feels so much better and no more sleepless nights!! Thank you guys for all you do!!! Mindy Edwards-Brinkman, Facebook Review

I very much love and trust these CBD products! I originally started using both the oral and topical formulas to combat severe eczema. I was seeking an alternative to the strong steroids the doctor wanted to prescribe, as he told me the prescription could thin my skin. No thank you! After just a few days of the Wellness Tree Farms oral drops and topical CBD lotion, my eczema dramatically improved. I continue to use the oral drops nightly for the bonus of improved sleep. I only need the topical cream for the now very rare flare up. Thank you Wellness Tree! -- Karynn Tank Adamowicz, Facebook Review