Ladybugs play big role in hemp growth

Posted by Rachel Nixon on

At Wellness Tree Farms, we use ladybugs for preventative maintenance and biological pest control in our grow room instead of harmful pesticides.

Ladybugs are a beneficial predatory insect that eat a variety of destructive pests such as aphids, spider mites, thrips, whiteflies, mealybugs, and leafhoppers, as well as many other soft-bodied pests. Most people are unaware that these destructive pests are very small, which allows them to enter your grow environment through clothing or unfiltered air sources without knowing. Many of these destructive pests can multiply and spread very quickly. 

Without a preventative maintenance program in place, it’s easy to lose control of an infestation of pests that will ultimately destroy our hemp plants.

Therefore, at Wellness Tree Farms, we firmly believe that using ladybugs as beneficial predatory insects is key to maintaining the health of our hemp plants. This also allows our plants to thrive in a healthy environment without pesticides, as well as provide our customers with the highest quality CBD oil possible.

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