Hemp mulch has many benefits

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At Wellness Tree Farms, we strive to minimize waste and maximize our use of the entire hemp plant. Once our hemp plants are dried, the greenery and biomass are removed to produce our high-quality, all-natural CBD oil.

But after that, we grind down what remains of the plant into hemp mulch -- a product with many applications, including animal bedding as well as use in fruit and vegetable gardening.  

Hemp mulch

Hemp mulch has several advantages, including the fact that it is grown organically, which cuts down on the amount of dangerous herbicides or pesticides that could be present in other mulch. It is a natural insecticide, and it is biodegradable. As the pH neutral mulch decomposes, it turns into humus, which will add valuable nutrients back to the soil and promote plant growth.  

Another benefit is that hemp mulch can absorb approximately 50 percent more water than traditional types of mulch. This helps with water conservation, keeping the soil moist as well as providing protection for growing plants or animals against temperatures that become too hot or too cold.  

Hemp mulch is a natural, renewable alternative to traditional mulches that help you protect against weeds in your garden and can also provide an alternative, eco-friendly source for animal bedding.

Reach out to us at info@wellnesstreefarms.com if you are interested in purchasing mulch in small or large quantities.  

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