Wellness Tree Farms CEO appears at Statehouse

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Wellness Tree Farms CEO Brian Nixon at the Indiana Statehouse.

Wellness Tree Farms CEO Brian Nixon appeared Wednesday, January 19, 2022, in front of the Indiana House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee. Brian spoke in favor of House Bill 1043 -- a bill that would establish a framework for craft hemp flower sales in Indiana.

Brian was asked to participate as an expert in the fields of agriculture, therapeutic medicine, and hemp growing and production. In part, he shared with the committee the mission of Wellness Tree Farms -- to demystify stigmas and educate on the wellness benefits of hemp and CBD products. 

Wellness Tree Farms CEO Brian Nixon in the Governor's office at the Indiana Statehouse.

During his remarks, Brian made it clear to the committee that current laws and legislation in Indiana stand as a barrier to businesses like Wellness Tree Farms. Current laws prevent hemp growers in Indiana from reaching certain markets. HB 1043 would be a first step in allowing businesses like Wellness Tree to expand while also laying the legislative building blocks for future cannabis-related laws. 

At the conclusion of Brian's remarks, he invited legislators to use Wellness Tree Farms as a knowledgable, experienced resource to help shape hemp and cannabis legislation not only during the current legislative session in Indiana, but in the future. 

At the conclusion of the day's events, HB 1043 was advanced to a second reading by the Indiana House Commerce, Small Business and Economic Development Committee by a vote of 10-2.

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