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Wellness Tree Farms relies on science, and we are a member of the Midwest Hemp Council, which, like us, is committed to promoting high quality, full spectrum CBD products.

In an evolving industry, we stay current on medical research and industry standards and guidelines because our customers' safety is one of our primary focuses. 

Here are several credible scientific research articles to help you better understand the world of CBD.

Selected Scientific Research

Jama Network Open 

Efficacy  and Safety of Cannabidiol Plus Standard Care vs. Standard Care Alone for the Treatment of Emotional Exhaustion and Burnout Among Frontline Health Care Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic 

Frontiers In Pharmacology

Cannabinoids and Pain: New Insights From Old Molecules

Medical News Today
Physical Therapy Using CBD Oil

Science Direct
Clinicians’ Guide to Cannabidiol and Hemp Oils

Springer Open - Sports Medicine
Cannabidiol and Sports Performance: a Narrative Review of Relevant Evidence and Recommendations for Future Research

American College of Clinical Pharmacology
A review of human studies assessing cannabidiol's (CBD) therapeutic actions and potential

British Journal of Pharmacology
Effects of cannabinoids and cannabinoid‐enriched Cannabis extracts on TRP channels and endocannabinoid metabolic enzymes

Surgical Neurology International
Review of the neurological benefits of phytocannabinoids

Journal of Alzheimer's Disease
Cannabidiol Ameliorates Cognitive Function via Regulation of IL-33 and TREM2 Upregulation in a Murine Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Neurobiology of Disease
Cannabidiol provides long-lasting protection against the deleterious effects of inflammation in a viral model of multiple sclerosis: a role for A2A receptors


(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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